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Announcing Malwarebytes 4.0 for Windows

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Hello, Malwarebytes Community--

We're very excited to announce the release of Malwarebytes 4.0 for Windows!

This release provides a major evolution of our detection technology, as we announce our new Malwarebytes Katana Engine. The Katana engine combines innovative new detection technologies with our best existing detection engines to bring you even greater security. 

In addition to the malware detection improvements, we've redesigned the user interface with a cleaner and simpler design:


Key features:

  • Improved zero-hour detection – pinpoints new threats as they arise and before they can wreak havoc on your device
  • Expanded malware detection – blocks even more malware for improved protection
  • Signature-less behavioral detection – identifies the latest variants of dangerous malware families that attempt to evade traditional signatures through runtime packing, obfuscation and encryption, offering instant protection against new threats that traditional AV has a hard time detecting
  • Faster threat definition process – streamlines the publishing of new definitions, reducing the time it takes to protect you from new threats
  • Revamped user interface – Completely redesigned user interface that is intuitive, more informative and simple to use
  • Threat statistics – allows you to see what Malwarebytes is doing for you in real-time and get a first-hand view of what threats are coming at you (and being blocked)
  • Cybersecurity news – dynamic feed keeps you informed of the latest threats and other security topics
  • Easier updates – more automation means you receive the latest protection with less effort

You can download Malwarebytes 4 directly from our main website download link.

Thank you all for your continued support -- we appreciate and look forward to your feedback!

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Known Issues

  • A working internet connection is required for the installer (If you won't have a connection after downloading then use the offline Installer)
  • Under certain circumstances the installer requires a fully clean install to complete
  • The UI can show issues under certain circumstances with High DPI and certain screen resolutions or configurations
  • Copy can still be provisional in certain screens and or wrong or missing
  • Self-Protection Early Start will prevent Windows Firewall Control from opening (work-around is to disable Self-Protection Early Start)
  • Controlled Folder Access (CFA) will block certain advanced Installer options
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Malwarebytes community:

We have just released a new Component update for your product, version v1.0.750.

As you know, if you don't want to wait, go right ahead and retrieve the update manually by clicking "Check for updates" under Application Updates in Settings > General. 

What is new in this version:

Performance/protective capability

  •  Simple UI enhancements 

Stability/issues fixed

  • Fixed: UI is blank when opened / blank UI when mbam.exe is launched
  • Fixed: Staggered text under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: WAC in w7 incorrectly reports MB4 as off / Incorrect MB4 status reported in WSC
  • Fixed: Self-Protection Early Start prevents Windows Firewall Control UI from opening
  • Addressed numerous other miscellaneous defects

Thank you so much,


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