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Microsoft Edge team posts brain teaser to Reddit


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Apparently the MS Edge Dev team has decided to post a cryptic puzzle on Reddit, challenging anyone insane brilliant enough to solve it.  The speculation is that solving this puzzle likely leads to some teaser for some upcoming product, feature or event.  I'm betting it's just another test to determine whether or not a true Artificial Intelligence exists online yet, but that could just be my paranoia Halloween spirit talking :P.

You can read more about it here.

Do you dare try to crack this uncrackable puzzle? (In all honesty it is probably perfectly solvable, even if you aren't an artificial super-intelligence, but hey, speculating about our future AI overlords that will certainly enslave all mankind and likely eventually lead to the extinction of the human race is fun, is it not :P?)

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I like the 'IE hybrid' version of the icon one user posted up:


Very stylish, though Microsoft is very likely to avoid making it so similar to IE's icon since the last thing they want is for people to associate their new Edge browser with IE given how 'popular' IE has become over the years (meaning not popular at all and likely the most widely hated browser of all time).

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2 hours ago, AdvancedSetup said:

Actually probably better if they were to 100% walk away from anything that even remotely looked like that icon. Get something completely new and never seen before

Hehe, true.  It's funny that to this day IE still gets so much flack, when in fact more modern iterations of the browser (starting with v7 and continuing at least through version 11 that shipped with Windows 7) have actually been decent, modern browsers with no more major security vulnerabilities than any other mainstream browser (and in fact Chrome has more often been the target of malware/exploits over the past few years by far, likely due to its large install base) and I've found that it is actually faster on startup than both Chrome and Firefox and it appears to load content/websites just as fast as the other two, but I guess thanks to XP/IE6 lasting far too long the damage was done and all Microsoft could do is abandon IE and walk away, adopting a completely new platform, and one developed by a rival no less (albeit quite a popular one in fairness).

It really is sad, and I'm going to miss IE, but even today I find myself not really using it any longer, thanks mostly to the fact that there aren't nearly as many plugins for it (ad blockers/security filters/privacy tools etc.) as there are for Chromium based browsers (my main browser is currently SRWare Iron which is based on Chromium, just with all of Google's spyware/adware gutted from the code so it doesn't phone home to Alphabet's mothership) so I now only use it on rare occasions for specific tasks, usually just to render images as for some odd reason, colors don't look quite right when rendered in the built in image/photo viewer in Windows, and when setting an image as the desktop background, it looks clearer/better (less jaggies etc.) when applied by right-clicking on it in an IE browser window to set it as the desktop background than doing so through Windows Explorer or Photo Viewer but that's about it.  It used to be my first choice for surfing the web, especially when doing anything where security/privacy were a concern, largely due to the fact that in the past I had quite a secure configuration for IE thanks to all the options it exposes for security that other browsers do not, combined with the fact that tools like SpywareBlaster and Spybot S&D's Immunize function had capabilities specific/exclusive to IE for adding protection, but now things are different and Chromium (and likewise Firefox) has tons of powerful security and privacy related tools/add-ons to make secure browsing safer so IE just sits there collecting dust.

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