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How to quit MWB without "Exit" option


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How do you stop, completely terminate, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection (cloud version)? There is no "exit" when you right-click in system tray. You cannot "open" MWB to get to Settings on any workstation. The admin (me) has disabled this. This means I would have to reconfigure the policy, push it out, then anyone in the organization can exist their security. Not a viable option.

So how does the admin of the network, without access to Malwarebytes Admin Console, approach a workstation and exit MWB in order to troubleshoot what is blocking something else?

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Unfortunately I do not believe this is possible, however if it helps at all in your specific situation, Malwarebytes' protection doesn't load in Safe Mode so that might be an option if you are just testing to see whether or not Malwarebytes' protection is blocking an application from loading.  That said, in the consumer version there is an option to prevent unauthorized access to certain functions in the software such as terminating protection and exiting the application through the creation of a password which prevents unauthorized access to the selected functions by prompting the user for the password if they try to access one of the restricted areas/functions.  I do not know if this capability exists in the business version of the product you have deployed in your environment, but if it does then that might be a possible workaround for you.  If that function does not exist or would not suit your needs please let me know and I will put in a request for a solution to your situation from the Product team.  I generally assist with issues with the consumer version so I apologize for my limited knowledge of the product you are using, however I do report to the Product team for all products so if you need a feature please let me know and I will report your request.

In the meantime I've asked that the forum admins move this topic to the business support section of the forums so that a member of the Business Support team will see your post and can provide a more definite response with regards to the capabilities and limitations of the product you are using.

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Thank you very much Exile360! I did not realize I posted this in the consumer side of the forums, mainly because I didn't realize there was a separate business side :o sorry! But thank you again for moving it.

Thank you also for the recommendations, I am trying with Safe Mode now and will report back. I do not believe the password locking option exists in the business environment, although perhaps I'm overlooking it somewhere in the admin config.

Again, thank you and I'll post back in a while after testing with Safe Mode.

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17 hours ago, CHMOD_777 said:

Hello @neurotico


In order to stop Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection on a computer, simply hold "CTRL" + Right-Clicking the Tray Icon.  This will give you the option to stop the Malwarebytes Service.





Warm Regards,



Holy crap that's awesome! LOL! I did not know of this shortcut, that works! Thank you CHMOD_777 (nice name too! LOL).

Exile360, Safe Mode did also work, thank you again for mentioning this and now I have two methods to troubleshoot. Thank you for the help to you both!



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