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Unfortunately it is up to Kaspersky Labs to remove Malwarebytes from their list of incompatible programs.  The last I heard testing was being conducted by Malwarebytes to determine if there were any issues with the two programs and the results were to be submitted to Kaspersky to try and get them to remove Malwarebytes from their incompatible software list, but I don't know what the status is on that.  In the meantime you can have Kaspersky ignore Malwarebytes and you may continue to use the two programs together.

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Were you doing a new install of Kaspersky ?   If yes, are you aware that there is a over-ride when installing Kaspersky, so that it proceeds with the setup and lets you keep Malwarebytes ?



One simply just un-ticks the box  when on this screen & then press continue.

You will be prompted again, another time.  Click continue on that screen too.


I am presently testing / running Malwarebytes for Windows beta 4.0.3   along with Kaspersky antivirus.

Both are running on my Windows 10 system.

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Are both KTS 2020  & Malwarebytes Premium BOTH currently installed on this machine ?

Please make that clear.   I am just asking for confirmation.

Additionally, it is quite likely we will need to have you run a report using the Malwarebytes support tool.


Some tips for the time being.

The following is intended as a general how-to for setting trust exclusions in Kaspersky so that it treats Malwarebytes for Windows as a trusted application.

The starting point for doing that should be generally the same across different versions of Kaspersky.


Start ( open ) the Kaspersky application.

Look down on the first screen, look for and click on the gear icon  ( Settings )



On the Settings screen, click on “Additional”   from the list on the left.


Next, click on Threats and Exclusions from the list on the right-side pane.

On the following screen, look down the list

Click on “Specify trusted applications”


You will then see a screen like this



To get going, click the Add button


On next screen,

Click the box “Do not monitor application activity”   so that it has a check-mark

Click the line “Do not monitor the activity of child applications” so that it has a check-mark



click the Browse button



Once you clicked the Browse button, the objective is to guide this to where Malwarebytes for Windows is installed.

From the left-side pane navigation, pick C drive

Then click Program Files  to expand  & scroll down

Then click   Malwarebytes  to expand

Then  click Anti-Malware to expand.   Then focus on the EXE files to select each

Click on Assistant,exe  & click on the Open button to make that pick

You will be prompted by Kaspersky at each line, so click the Continue button to confirm  ( each )


Then repeat the same way for each of these as well










Apply the adjustments.   When all done, click the X  on the upper top right of the window.


Go back to the Threats and Exclusions section of Kaspersky

Click on  “Manage Exclusions”

Click the Add button

On the next screen that shows “add new exclusion”  click the BROWSE button



And click Add


Your screen should look like this



Click the upper most X button at top to close.

When done, close the Kasperky dialog windows.


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Thank you for the report file.  I have some questions to ask you before we do more.  I would like to know information for all that I ask below.

I do see that Kaspersky Total Security Version: is installed.    ( just as a for your information, I just installed it as a test on my machine just yesterday).

Malwarebytes is reported as " disabled" .  My first question to you:   What do you know about that ?   Did you do anything yourself on Malwarebytes ?


My other question is:    Did you apply the Exclusions like I listed in my last reply yesterday ?


I believe we will need to do a new install for Malwarebytes 4.0.3.   I will cover that later.


For now, I am suggesting that you do one more adjustment on Kaspersky Total Security.

Start Kaspersky.

Click the Settings icon at the bottom.

Click Additional from the list displayed on the left side.


Now click on Threats and Exclusions

You will see a screen like this



I would like for you to look at the bottom  at "Advanced Disinfection".   I would like for you to un-check that box.   I believe this will help down the road.

Do notice what they say at the bottom.

Advanced Disinfection requires considerable computer resources.   Running Advanced Disinfection can slow down the overall performance of the computer.


Dezinfectarea avansată necesită resurse considerabile de calculator. Rularea dezinfectării avansate poate încetini performanța generală a computerului.

Vă rugăm să o dezactivați. Debifează caseta.


When the box is un-checked you will see this




One other check I would like you to do.   Click on the line  " Specify trusted applications"      (   Specificați aplicațiile de încredere )


Does your screen show similar to this ?



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Your post count does not meet the forum minimum to allow you to edit your posts.

I can have the forum admin  (  @AdvancedSetup )   explain that restriction to you.


If you are not wanting to follow my advice,  let me know.

My next suggestion is this.  To do a new install using the setup for beta 4.0.3

download  the 4.0.3  setup  from this link

Save it first to your system.


Then run the file to accomplish a install in place.

After the setup has completed, Restart Windows.


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^i make install from the box "your link" many times,i install vers 3 to test but no...problem persist,you have KTS 20 with patch "e" and malwarebytes 4.0.3 and work ?

what settings you have for KTS and Malwarebytes ?

please see firefox 70.0.1 x64 work ?origin work ?

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Is that Youtube video by someone else ?   or is that by you ?


That video shows Trusted Applications adjustments in Kaspersky for all EXE files of the Malwarebytes program &

also exclusions for 2 folders of Malwarebytes

( all of which I had listed before for you    ( as well as someone else, if I am not mistaken).

The video also shows making adjustments in Malwarebytes to exclude Kaspsersky folders exclusion Malwarebytes

AND   it looks like the video-creator also turned off the Ransomware protection in Malwarebytes.


Is that what you have done on your Windows system ?


I have running on my machine  ( in test)  Kaspersky Total Security 2020  & Malwarebytes 4.0.3

In My Malwarebytes Exclusions I had listed 2 Kaspersky folders


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I have been ( and still am ) testing Kaspersky Total Security 2020  on my system.

My next suggestion for you is this.


Set Malwarebytes Startup Type As Delayed-Auto

  • Download mbamservice_delayed.reg using the link below:
  • Right-click the Malwarebytes icon in your notification area (next to the system clock).
  • Note: You may need to click the arrow to reveal the icon.
  • Click Quit Malwarebytes followed by Yes if prompted by User Account Control.
  • Open your Downloads folder or location of the downloaded mbamservice_delayed.reg file.
  • Double-click mbamservice_delayed.reg and click Run followed by Yes if prompted by User Account Control.
  • Click Yes when prompted to continue.
  • Click OK.

Once done, please restart the computer (not Shut down)


NOTE:  I have applied that to my system.  AND have all protections enabled on Malwarebytes.

It seems to me their is something new in the Kaspersky new release that is leading to odd behaviors.

I had issues with Firefox and PaleMoon before this.  Those issues are apparently now gone away.

It is remarkable that the EDGE browser did not have issues  & Chrome did not have the issues like on Firefox / PaleMoon.


Edited by Maurice Naggar
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How add this in Kaspersky

Exclude the following files:

  • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbae64.sys  (mbae.sys for x86 systems)
  • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbam.sys
  • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\MBAMChameleon.sys
  • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\MBAMSwissArmy.sys
  • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mwac.sys
  • C:\Windows\system32\Drivers\farflt.sys 
  • ???
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Yes, that's correct.  Another member confirmed that they were able to install the older version of Kaspersky (build 19 I believe) and that also resolved the issue.  Hopefully they will have a fix for this soon so that the two can work together fully patched and fully enabled.

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