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Windows cannot be installed to this disk the selected disk is of the GPT pa


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a few things that I do not know/not understand what they referring to , but I assume the one Called MBR is refer to Master boot record  but I’ve never heard of a GPT before until that when I get this Windows 10 Device and not really sure what the GPT is .

every time want to install a windows 10 a fresh then an error message is shows up which is all about windows cannot be installed on this drive .

not sure the exact error message but almost like this one 

Windows cannot be installed to this disk the selected disk is of the GPT partition style

but however I was forced to install the windows anyway because there no other way ,

how do I know if the hard disk of the device is came up with MBR or GPT support ?

is there an easy method to solve this problem ?

Note : I’ve never seen such problem on non windows 10 devices and I never deal with such problem before

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This MS article explains why this happens and what you can do to fix it:
(You won't see it on non- Win10 devices because they wil be using BIOS and not UEFI).


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I was very lucky this time because I had to make a new fresh copy of an Portable windows 10 on an external hard drive and thus before to badly I mess off the recovery partitions (OEM) and others (recovery and OEM ) ones as well ! so I was trying to fix this problem by doing what I had to do and I ended up with non working OS . after this I boot from the flash drive to I delete or wipe off all bad partitions that were been created by the PC shop (mostly by an Indian scammer)  which they do to creating off wrong partitions in order to have non stable/slows PC and they also installing a fake copy of windows OS and side-by-side to installing bad copy of other software and an infected Microsoft OS on people’s new devices !

there were a 6 partitions (wrong size and small for the recovery ones) with so many different type of formats as (NTFS and FAT and unallocated and so on) and this before I manage to try to fix them that way .

today I learn some thing new about how to I create the partitions myself and even to how I fix an problem if there any ! :)

and now I have them all setup correctly by deleting all of them then to let windows to setup the right size for all extra recovery partitions which is for (windows 10 version 1903) and the error message is no longer there!

@nukecad thx for link and your info !

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