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I have the O.YourNewContent Malware on my MacBook Pro.

Why has my Malwarebytes Premium allowed this to happen, without blocking or quarantining or notifying me of it?

Why are we expected to pay so much money for the promise of "THE BEST ANTI-MALWARE PROGRAM" when it doesn't deliver?

MalwareBytes BITES!!!

Please provide a quick resolution.




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Please tell us what you are seeing (including screenshot, if possible) to indicate the presence of malware on your MBP.

I'm unable to locate any malware for any platform named "O.YourNewContent" in a Google search. It's possible what you are experiencing isn't being caused by anything on your Mac, but if it's something new then you may need to submit some diagnostic information directly to the staff for analysis. I'll give you detailed instruction on how to do this if it becomes necessary.

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  • Staff
On 10/29/2019 at 6:55 PM, Gr8fur said:

MalwareBytes BITES!!!

That's a bit harsh to say when we have no idea yet what the problem is. There are a great many things these days that people think are caused by malware, but that actually are not, and thus cannot be solved by antivirus software.

Start with a description of the problem, including screenshots if possible. Make a screenshot by following the directions here:


Attach the screenshot file, which will be found on the desktop, to a reply to this message.

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On 10/31/2019 at 9:45 AM, treed said:

That's a bit harsh to say

Poor wittwe baby.  Did I hurt your feewings?  Awwww. I'm sowwy. 

First of all, shame on you for your less than eloquent reply.  As a Director, in a large organization, you're expected to deal with a full spectrum of customer reactions without resorting to hurt feelings.  Suck it up, Buttercup.  You need to be less sensitive and more objective.  

Second, I am NOT expected to do your job for you.  Your product is my line of defence against malware and viruses.  So, when it fails me, I will say whatever the F I want to say.  You should be more proactive in dealing with these situations.   As a consumer, and one who has purchased 3 licenses for your product, I can say that it sucks, bites, blows and you just apologize for the inconvenience, and "hup to" and find a resolution. 

Third and final, I wasn't going to wait to send you screenshots, have you look it up on google, and figure out what your next course of action would be.  I used another antivirus program, unrelated to MB, to find and remove it.  I'm, obviously, not as laid back and relaxed as you, when there's a threat on my device. 



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