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Successful installation of Malwarebytes BETA 4.0.3 over Malwarebytes 3

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Just to report a successful installation of Malwarebytes BETA 4.0.3 over an existing installation of Malwarebytes 3 Premium. The only thing I noticed during the installation was that I think the window asking me to click on OK to restart the computer to complete reappeared and I had to click on it again. Otherwise, everything went as expected and, as far as I can see, all my settings were carried over EXCEPT the Language, which was reset to English (US) when I had it set to English (UK). The GUI seems fairly self explanatory and easy to navigate but I would prefer to be spared the sales pitches displayed during a scan.

Windows 7 x64 SP1 - Microsoft Security Essentials - CryptoPrevent v19.01.09.0

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Thanks for the feedback. This particular page has only been brought over from Malwarebytes version 3 and hasn't been properly worked on yet for version 4. Once it's complete, the page will appear more inline with version 4's appearance (and not have any of the display issues you're seeing currently).

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No problem - thanks for letting me know.
Additionally, and as I've commented elsewhere, I'm not a huge fan of the design of the GUI but that's very much a subjective thing and I'm sure I'll get used to it!


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We appreciate all the feedback provided on the UI and are definitely taking it on board. For example, one of the main talking points has been the inclusion of "Zero" (the robot) in various places throughout the UI. In the full release version, this will no longer be present.

Please do keep feedback on the UI coming.

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