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New beta 4.0.3 install issue


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I tried installing the new beta through the UI and the new web(?) installer hung up on me, waiting for a response to a separate tray notification from MB4 itself which makes no sense since what I launched in the center of my screen appeared to be a separate installer (and I suspect this would be the case had I checked Task Manager, though I didn't) and so I tested by closing the tray notification and the installer still would not proceed, so I opened Malwarebytes from the tray and noticed the new orange button in the middle of the main UI prompting me to install the new update so I clicked it, got another UAC prompt (I'd already received one from the launch of the first installer) and clicked 'Yes', then the install proceeded after which I was prompted for a reboot (likely because it left the tray and service in memory the entire time to show all these additional notifications etc.).

The entire experience was quite confusing and unintuitive in my opinion.  Just launch the installer once, have it terminate Malwarebytes and its services/drivers so that it can replace them without necessitating a reboot (as past versions of MB have; this was a major design goal at one point for past MB versions), then launch the program again once the install completes.  This new web installer/hybrid notification approach is very sloppy, confusing and I'm guessing probably uses an excessive amount of bandwidth that would otherwise be unnecessary if it was a single download of a simple InnoSetup installer rather than this new UI dialog with its progress bar that won't proceed until you click on a second prompt to proceed with the install (though perhaps that was unintentional and something simply went wrong when I attempted the install).

Here's an image of what I saw:


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By the way, after the install appeared to complete I saw what I thought was a prompt to restart, but upon closer inspection it was something else:


I then launched Malwarebytes again from the tray, and again I was greeted with the same button prompting me to install the new version that I just finished installing (or so I thought):


I'm going to restart to see if the new version is installed or not, but this might be the previously reported 'double-install'/'failed completed install' issue reported with previous betas.

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It gets worse.  Upon reboot I noticed MB was missing from my tray and observed a large spike in bandwidth usage so I checked Task Manager and this is what I observed; it looks like Malwarebytes is trying to upgrade again, but this time without MB running (though it did start itself eventually while I was writing this post):


It looks like the install completed silently after all that downloading and launched the new version, so all is well for now:


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It may have been due to the way I did the upgrade.  I started by enabling the option for beta updates once I saw the announcement about the new build then I clicked the button to check for updates and was offered the new build and allowed it to install and it started, but then I saw a large spike in bandwidth and the installer appeared to hang up until I clicked the button in the UI to install the new version.

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  • Staff

We've been able to replicate this behavior.  This has to do with requiring a reboot saying "No" to the reboot prompt, or even just waiting with the reboot prompt up.  The old service is restarted because we don't want to leave the user unprotected and the installation will run again after reboot silently.

We have a bug written up internally.  Thanks for the input! 😀

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FYI, I just accidentally replicated this issue again.  After installing the new version, while I was closing all programs and saving my work, the prompt to install the new version showed up again.  I grabbed a screenshot of the reboot prompt along with the second prompt to install the new version:


As before, after reboot Malwarebytes was nowhere to be found so I launched the installer from the instlrupdate folder and I now have the new build 4.04 installed.

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