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AdwCleaner requires multiple starts


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Thanks for posting in the AdwCleaner Help forum.

Someone will reply shortly, but in the meantime here are a few resources which may help resolve your issue:

Thanks in advance for your patience.

-The Malwarebytes Forum Team

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Hello @FACE:

Please assist the staff/development team and share the entire contents of the C:\AdwCleaner\ directory by compressing into zip archive and attaching to your next reply to this topic.

Thank you always for your cooperation.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm not sure how to do that, i.e. finding that directory(?!)....I was barely able to find this page again!!!  (Do I get notified in an email, or do I need to keep this page open somewhere, to look for a response?)

Please forward directions for both of the above  (sharing the entire contents of the C:\AdwCleaner\ directory by compressing into zip archive, as well as how to know when I've gotten a response from you guys).

Note...I KNOW that, somewhere else, I added a little info on the topic: at the end - after I finally do get AdwCleaner to run - it says something about having 33 items (of pre-einstalled stuff)...when I actually only see 11 items.



PS: I attached something that was called a "debug" file...it was the last item in a list I came across when I inputted "AdwCleaner" in a file search ; also, a video from 10/27 which shows what I go thru on a daily basis - (I have NO IDEA how I figured out ow to finally do the last thing I mentioned above; PLEASE help...) - and thanx again.

AdwCleaner Questions.PNG

AdwCleaner_Debug.log AdwCleaner Malfunction Video 2...10-27-19.zip

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To provide the requested folder, go to the root of C:\ in Windows Explorer and right-click on the AdwCleaner folder and select Copy, then right-click on your desktop background and select Paste and click Yes or Continue if prompted by User Account Control, then right-click on the newly created copy of the folder sitting on your desktop and hover your mouse over Send to and select Compressed (zipped) folder and then attach the resulting AdwCleaner.zip file to your next reply.

With regards to the 11 vs 33 items, it is likely that this is due to the way that ADWCleaner counts individual traces/detections of detected applications where it groups multiple detections/traces/components of a detected application under the parent header/category for that detected item and you should be able to click the small arrow to the left of each detected entry to see the list of traces/individual components that were detected and the total number of traces/detections for all detected items should be 33.

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