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Help me clean my system please!


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I must admit i thought i could get over this on my own, but now i dont think i can

Heres what happened

Yesterday Somehow i got what i beleive to be the win32.heur virus, This may have been a false positive i dont know

I ran AVG free, which reported various things - including notepad were infected

I spent a while trying to sort this out, and got nowhere

I tried to run malwarebytes, but it refused to run, not doing anything, no errors, nothing

I then installed avast and ran that through - it reported a few issues, but didnt improve anything

Then my entire system went insane! I use wireless networking, and my pc decided it couldnt access any of the drivers for either my wireless card, my lan card OR my entire windows network configuration

I use this pc for my work, very heavily and i rely on it!, but im afraid things get worse

Over the last few days my CD drive has failed so i have no access to a cd drive and my usb drive is only around 512mb

To get back to somewhere where i could work, I decided to reinstall windows using a iso i have on my HDD (i used to use this with a usb/bart pe installer)

due to this being installed from the HDD i am unable to erase the partition entirely, as it is used for temp space (i am also unable to resize the partition using partition magic!!!)

After windows installed, i got a LOT of drwatson errors, and the occasion memdump error.

I also get a few errors relating to 5.tmp.exe - which is clearly a virus

Anyway, These errors come up no matter what i try to run, so i cannot runAV or malware on the pc

I hope someone has a starting point for me

Earlier i could run HJ, but now i seem to get drwatson errors , as i do with everything else (apart from IE!)

i also have problems opening zips

Please help, as i have some work that i have to hand in tomorrow morning - so i cannot replace my cd drive by then

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