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Installation was unable to access the database

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So we're having an issue trying to get the managed console to install. We've spun up a new VM and installed MSSQLServer 2017. We've whitelisted the following on our firewall:

https://data.service.malwarebytes.org , https://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com, https://hubble.mb-cosmos.com, https://*.mwbsys.com, and https://telemetry.malwarebytes.com, all on port 443.

Righ-clicked and ran as admin on the application. We've verified the server and instance name. Triple checked the user name/password, but we keep getting that error message. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.




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Hi @fyang,

Sorry you're having trouble, I'll be happy to help. Is there a particular reason you opted to go with an external database, rather than the embedded one? If not, installing with the embedded database is typically much simpler. If you'd like to stick with the external database, try following the steps below.

Configure Malwarebytes Management Console to use external database

Let me know if that gets it working for you or if you continue to have trouble!

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Hello, the reason for an external database is because in the best practices guide, it states that it is not recommended for more than 200 endpoints. We have close to 400 endpoints.

I am an entry level Sys Admin and this is the first project of many that I was assigned. It looks like I have a lot to learn! So I've gotten past that error in my initial post. However, I cannot install because I cannot login. This is my first time configuring SQL Server 2016 from scratch. Maybe someone can help? The server and database is up. I can launch it through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio using windows authentication on the local machine. I've also registered the server by going to View --> Registered Servers within Management Studio. Under Object Explorer, I've expanded Security --> Logins and I've set the Server Roles on all the domain accounts that are listed there as sysadmin. I've restarted the database under Sql Server Configuration Manager. Rebooted the machine. Attempted to login using all of the domain accounts that I've set to sysadmin. Am I missing something? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Got it figured out! For anyone who might run across this issue. What needs to happen first is to launch the newly created database in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Right-click on the Server\database -->  Properties --> click on SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode. Restart the server from Configuration Manager.

Next, log into the database through MSSMS using the sa account. Try it again and it should work. Any questions, let me know. Thanks for all the help guys!!!

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