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Tweaking.com False Postive

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Looks like this has been reported to ya'all a couple of times.  We have zero reputation issues -- so --- fi you could fix this that would be great.

If you  need of any information - let me know. 





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I agree.  Chrome only.

Not w/Firefox 69.0.3/MBG 2.1.1

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I just visited the site in both Firefox and Chrome with Browser Guard enabled.  If you can't do that, please specify exactly what you are doing to encounter a block.

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hello all

I thinks I was able to figure out that why Malwarebytes browser Guard version 2 /Malwarebytes browser extension /add-on is to re-blocking the websites like tweaking.com website and tweaking forum 

I just saw this topic

and I have immediately to check for an Firefox update and after the update is installed I then had to revisit both Tweaking website and forum and as of sudden MB browser Guard is once again and over again is to blocked both URLS .

as for @Tweaking-Jim Just I want to welcome you on here and I myself I am a member at Shane forum and and I had this issue reported before from this topic below .

@gonzo hello to you . both URLS above are blocked again for reputation . steps to reproduce the re-blocks is either be update the web-browser or by visit the web URL .

hope this above will be of any helps as well .

a new screenshots for just now .




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Hello Mike:

I retested the www.tweaking.com site just after a W10Prox64 1903/18362.418 cold start.  I am now seeing the MBG 2.1.1 reputation block with all of the following browsers:

  1. Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  2. Firefox 69.0.3 (64-bit)  I know the v70.0 update is released.  I am just being cautious.
  3. Tor Browser 9.0 64-bit (Firefox 68.2.0esr) I realize no official compatibility statement has been made.

I will not complicate this issue with a macOS Catalina 10.15 (19A603) report as MBG 2.1.1 is only official with a Windows platform per Tech Specs.


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I just found the whitelist entry for tweaking.com and tweaked it a bit to see if it makes a difference.  I changed it from https://www.tweaking.com to just tweaking.com.

Firefox 69.0.3 was good.  Firefox 70 is not.  Chrome 77.0 (also recently updated) now fails after I dump cache.  I am now able to get to tweaking.com with Firefox 70, but Chrome is still a no-go.  Chrome just updated now to 78.0.3904.70 .  Don't ask me if I have any faith in that product if they're going through versions that quickly.

Please see what kind of results you get while I go drink heavily.....

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Ummmm... It is happening again. 

Its is not only frustrating - but damaging.  Try explaining this to customers... It's not easy and I suspect it is hurting sales.   Can someone please get this corrected.



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@Tweaking-Jim Apologies, your site is and has been whitelisted.  We identified a sporadic bug with the loading of the whitelist when new browser sessions launch.  It will catch up between minutes and worst case up to 2 hrs later, which is not acceptable and is being addressed.  We hope to push v2.1.2 in the next few days to address this issue.  

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I am a daily visitor to your site and first reported the FP here and let Tom Boggin know about it.  I have not been blocked in some time, perhaps two or three weeks, from visiting Tweaking.com.  From what I can tell the FP issue has been resolved.

Have a great day.


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