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Clicked on a suspicious website my mistake, is there cause for alarm?

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Today, while browsing the internet on my Android, I clicked on a suspicious website by mistake. The website showed the message of "Please wait to access the website while we check your browser" and I immediately exited the page before anything else could load. I quickly ran a scan of my phone with Malwarebytes and then Bitdefender free, and also checked the URL of the website on VirusTotal. Everything came up ok in the scans, but I'm still worried. Is there any cause for alarm, since the website didn't even load, only the Cloudfare protection of the site loaded?

I can provide the site link if you would be able to check it to see whether it's malicious. 

I hope there is no reason for alarm. appreciate the help.

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It was some shady video streaming site; I clicked on it in haste by looking at the icon which resembled Youtube's icon, thinking it was a Youtube link, but as soon as the Cloudfare page loaded up, I knew I had made a mistake and exited. Here is the VirusTotal scan results of the URL. One online Web Scanner Quttera flags it as malicious. :(  What should I do?

Virustotal screenshot attached below


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HI @RayRay26,

I did some testing on the site, and I couldn't get it to drop any malicious apps.  Looks like it just serves up a bunch of ads.  Since you closed it out before it even got to the site, you're 100% safe.  Honestly, even if you had browsed around on the site, you would have been fine.  It's just grabbing revenue from ads one annoying ad at a time.


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