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Question about activating browser guard


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In the past, I've seen discussion here about requiring and email address to activate the browser guard.   I'm not asking *why* an email address can be required, since that's a different topic.  :)

I've noticed browser guard will sometimes require an email address to be activated and sometimes it won't.    In some cases, browser guard will require an email address to be entered on a machine that's already running the Premium version of Malwarebytes.

My question:  why is an email address required to activate browser guard, inconsistently?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the reply.  What's weird is I've installed the browser guard in Firefox and Chrome, on the same machine, and browser guard will require the email address in one browser and not the other.  Or, I'll install browser guard on two different machines, in the same browser (say Firefox on each machine), and it will require the email address in one and not the other.

No big deal, I was  just wondering why it's inconsistent.

Thanks again!  :)

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Perhaps it has changed, but in all the original discussions, e-mail addresses were requested but not actually required. Also, the reason requested was to build a list of users in order to notify them of such things as issues, updates and new offerings. They also mentioned that in no case would they be shared with any 3rd party.

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That is correct, you can find additional info direct from Malwarebytes at the bottom of this post:

Why do we need email ID? 
We are beginning to collect email addresses to improve Malwarebytes specific product communications with our customers.  We will not, under any circumstances, share your email address with other individuals or organizations.
Important: During new installations users may be asked in the product UI to provide their email address in order to activate the product.  This can be any email (not limited to Gmail). Not everyone will see this email screen as it is being still tested with two different user groups.

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Initially unrelated to this topic, I ran numerous tests, results from which suggested – consistently – that versions 2.1.0, 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 lacked a degree of protection that's present in versions 2.0.7 and 2.1.3.

Then, for a while, I wondered whether the tests were simply rushed – considering the recent performance improvements (Malwarebytes Browser Guard 2.1.3 Release Notes). Eventually I returned to this topic.

It seems that internal page app/eventpages/activate.html did not always appear when required. Here, for example:


– the icon is blue, from which it's reasonable to assume that the extension is active when truly, it's inactive. (The site pictured above should be blocked.)

It's possible that my earlier test results were skewed by manually installing one version over another (e.g. 2.0.7 followed by 2.1.0 – not removing one before installing another).

Most recent test results

2.1.2, post-installation, grey icon, inactive:


2.1.3, post-installation, blue icon, active:


It seems that the requirement to enter an e-mail address has been abandoned.

Please, can someone confirm?


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4 minutes ago, Porthos said:

Might state after activation it is blue when active.

Maybe, but I like the terse wording of the 1–2–3 as is, it's close to perfect:


Essentially: done!

Simple as that, and end users either will or will not observe the change from grey (pre-activation) to blue (active).

For users who are not observant: adding a written sentence, at onboard time, is unlikely to gain attention.

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