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SafeFinder Wil Not Die

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First off I've read most every article I can find on Safe Finder removal and pretty sure I've done all the steps required in both Safari and Chrome preferences.  I run a Malware Bytes Scan and these files are flagged. 

/Library/Application Support/hmcp



I've had Malware Bytes remove these files, then reboot and I've deleted them manually and rebooted. Every time the files reappear newly loaded. Please help!  

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Sorry, my point was not that you needed re-post here, but that you need to follow the instructions in the pinned post: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/236261-how-to-remove-weknow-malware-and-others/

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I suspect you won’t hear from the staff until Monday, so unless another user has run into this same situation, I don’t think it can be solved here.

If resetting your browser settings doesn't help, you will need to create a support ticket at the bottom of the support page so the staff can gather more information that cannot be posted to the forum for privacy reasons:


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Usually there is something in Applications causing these files to be recreated in my experience.

Crappy PDF apps, coupon programs, poor video players etc - however helpermcp relates to a crumby program called Mac Cleanup Pro. If that doesn't exist in your Applications folder, try searching in Finder across your whole system for it and consider removing any files relating. Then, removing the plists in LaunchAgents and Application Support should be permanent.

I'm finding Safari gets completely corrupted on pre-Catalina MacOS by SafeFinder, I cannot recover it from redirecting to affiliate driven yahoo search. I suspect there is a way of altering the plist files in /system/, be ace if anyone can help in that regard.

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