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Download from trusted source blocked by Browser Guard


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I'm trying to download a file from a source I trust.  Browser Guard blocks it.  I tried clicking on "I want to continue to this site anyway" and clicked the box for "Do not block this site for scam again.

I've gone into my account and added the site to exclusions.  Nothing works and I need to complete the download.  I obviously need help.



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Thanks for replying, Gonzo.  As noted in my first post, I tried clicking on "i want to continue.." and the "Do not block" check box.  I also went into Malwarebytes and added the website to the exclusion list.  None of that worked.

I noted in one of your other replies that Browser Guard has an "allow" option.  Can you tell me how to get to that so I can try it?  Browser Guard is new to me.






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You did exactly what you should have done, although adding it to the Malwarebytes exclusion list was not necessary (you were blocked by Browser Guard and not by the Malwarebytes program itself).  I can get to the website with no problems, so the block you received "should have" been the result of a specific link you clicked while on the website.  I cannot see any kind of link that would initiate a download, unless it was accessed after clicking a BUY NOW button.  Please tell me exactly how you got the block and I will look into it further.


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I verified the block, then checked it in VirusTotal.  It came back as clean, so I added it to the whitelist.  It may take as long as an hour to propagate out, but you should be able to go there after that.

Download links are the most worrisome, because you trust that what you are going to download is what you asked for.  That is the case most of the time.  When its not, its a whole different story.

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Thank you Very much.

I understand that downloading stuff from an untrusted source leads to bad results.  In this case, I know the owner/software developer really well.  This is software he develops for use in tournament water skiing.  He's a competitor and does the software mostly as a volunteer for the sport, and is a very talented individual.  

I have no problem with Malwarebytes/Browser Guard black flagging something that's actually ok.  It cost me much less time to deal with it (with your help) than if something that was really bad slipped though.  I've been through that before, but not since I started using Malwarebytes.

Thanks again!!  I really appreciate it.

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