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100% CPU Usage Until Task Manager is Openned


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Hoping I can get some help here. I've noticed that my CPU usage is constantly maxed out. It shows 100% as soon as I open the task manager, but it then drops to normal loads within seconds (single digits). I have tried several tools based on users reporting similar issues here but nothing was detected. I also tried running detailed scans using Avast with no luck.


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



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That type of initial display is wholly NOT unusual.  Allow task manager time to settle down.

Several of us have had similar initial displays.  Dont let that get you started down the road of a false hunt.

The bottom line is that the initial % displays  are not real world.

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Hi Maurice,

Thanks for your reply. I must say that the system functions fine, although I feel like it's a bit more responsive when I keep the task manager open. Not sure if there's any validity to it as I may have started feeling a bit biases after suspecting that there might be something to it. The post below is what led me to investigate.  


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Task Manager ought not be used as a measuring stick or something to judge if you suspect some infection.

If potential infection is on your mind, run a scan with Malwarebytes.


Next check with Microsoft Windows Defender.


If pc is on Windows 10, do a Offline scan  ( like in article above)  & do a Offline scan or a Full scan.

If pc is on Windows 8.1 or 7, see the bottom part of article to download onto media  & then run a scan with Windows Defender.


Then if clean, focus on doing normal pc housekeeping.

Like trimming down on auto-started applications  ( ones that auto-start with Windows startup ).



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17 hours ago, llleka said:

Thank you for the peace of mind, Maurice. I'll run some scans again to be sure but I think you're right. I may have jumped to conclusions.

It's just what task manager does these days, have a look at this earlier thread:


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