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Why is my website blocked


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hxxps://www.dunvegan.biz is blocked with the follolwing message:


Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD)

Website blocked: www.dunvegan.biz

Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain scam activity.


I have never scammed anyone!  The site is protected against hackers and spammers. DNSSEC is set-up. Can you please explain why it is blocked?

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16 minutes ago, Richard_Irwin said:

I have never scammed anyone!  The site is protected against hackers and spammers.

The Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks many top level domains like .info .science .repair .top and of course .biz and some others by default. Then when they are reported and investigated they are whitelisted and the block removed.

This site is not blocked by the main Malwarebytes program.

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This seems to be in inappropriate policy as it can cause reputational damage to legitimate businesses and is likely to deter people from doing business with any web site blocked in this way. The onus is surely on Malwarebytes to only block a web site for real dangers rather than blocking sites and putting the onus on web site owners to complain to you in order to get an all clear. You do not even have the courtesy to explain to visitors the real reason for your block.

I object highly to having my web site described as potentially containing scam activity. Have you looked at the legal implications of this as my first reaction would be to sue you for loss of business and damage to reputation? In the case of this particular domain, the web site is just a holding site and not an important commercial site, so damage is minimal. However, I suggest you rapidly change this blanket policy before real damage is done.

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