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Memecode.com blocked again.


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My website has been blocked again: "Website blocked due to trojan".


Can some one please either provide some hard evidence as to where the "trojan" is -or- unblock the site?


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2 hours ago, MysteryFCM said:

Can you post a protection log please? (I can't see either the domain or its IP in our database)

I'm seeing the block in Firefox with the Browser Guard addon, how do I export a protection log? I had a look around the block page and the addon drop down and didn't see anything like that.

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Thank you for the clarification. It' likely this is a browser guard block, in which case, I'll wait until one of the chaps from that team, respond to clarify.

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Although some of the site's software is in need of updating, the site is blocked only by MBG 2.1.0 in Chrome 77.0.3865.120.  The site is not currently blocked w/Firefox 69.0.3/MBG 2.1.0


Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 05.10.03.png

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Hi 1PW,

Is this always getting blocked for you? I'm only seeing this when the extension is first installed, or when the browser is restarted and the databases update. If I visit again a couple of minutes later I can see the block is gone.

The behaviour above was already discovered and should be addressed in the next version which will be available very soon

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3 minutes ago, Memecode said:

why not make the product more reliable? Seems like a lot of false positives.

I'm certainly not an expert in this area, but from all I read, hundreds of sites become compromised each and every day due to newly discovered vulnerabilities, attacks from malicious hackers and rogue advertising. Many of these are quickly updated to eliminate the threat, so sites go on and off of whitelists/blacklists all the time. I suspect many of the false positives found here are only so after they have corrected an issue. Others are because TLP rules require it until someone brings it to the staff's attention. Over time, these latter FP's will undoubtedly taper off, but since this is a new tool it will require some time for that.

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@Memecode Apologies, your site is and has been whitelisted.  We identified a sporadic bug with the loading of the whitelist when new browser sessions launch.  It will catch up between minutes and worst case up to 2 hrs later, which is not acceptable and is being addressed.  We hope to push v2.1.2 in the next few days to address this issue.     

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