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Site blocked my MBG

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Extension say me than blocked due reputation


At Virustotal only 6/70 detection 3 as malicious and 3 as phishing

Is a shoe store from my city


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I have not your main product, but as see at virustotal, MB main program no block it, only MBG

also, by my tests, both, Firefox and Chrome MBG block it by reputation

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You are supposed to post the VirusTotal link, so I’ll do that for you. It was a few months out of date, so I re-ran it and it’s down to five scanners that indicate malicious or phishing. I’ve observed that even one detection is enough to make MWG’s blacklist.


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Definiterlly is a false positive

Right now, only 4 engines detect it

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If there is nothing wrong with the site then none of the engines should find an issue.

As of today on rescan at VirusTotal there are now 5 engines that detect that website.

Norton Safe Web also blocks it as a blacklisted website not to visit.



Are you the owner of that website @leo3487 ?

If you are then you need to work with each of these companies to verify and clean up the issues of why they believe that site is attempting phishing behavior


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Im not the owner, only  wanted buy here

Could you check it by yourself instead base your opinion on other vendors?

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I'm sorry but we can only assist you in regards to a security basis. For personal reviews you'd need to possibly look at other customer reviews of similar products on sites like Amazon

Thank you


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