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Improving server performance by disabling visual studio 2019

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Does anyone have advice on how to exclude MalwareBytes Endpoint protection from slowing down the operations of Visual Studio 2019.

We have added the Visual Studio executable to the Global Exception but it does not seem to have made a difference. When building projects, or moving large number of files around, the end point protection interferes to such an extent by slowing down the file operations to 50x slower than usual.

We want to balance the price we need to pay to have full end point protection at the cost of operation efficiencies.

We doubled the server resources ito CPU, RAM and Disk IOPS, with no effect to the speed at which the MalwareBytes service scans disk disk access when we monitor it on Resource Monitor.



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Hi @ChrisLombaard,

I'd suggest also excluding the working directory of any projects. Do you have any other endpoint protection programs installed on the affected machine? If so, a conflict could be to blame and could be remedied by mutual exclusions. If not, and the trouble persists, you may want to look into creating a custom policy for that server and try disabling real-time protection layers to see which is at fault. I suspect you'll find the 'Behavior Protection' is the cause as it monitors the file system for ransomware-like behavior. You'll find the Real-time Protection settings in the Policy under 'Windows > Settings > Real-time Protection'. Let me know if that gets it working for you!

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