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False Positive?

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Can anyone tell me why my photo club's website is being blocked? Can it we whitelisted? It's a site built with Squarespace is that helps. Thanks!


Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD)

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It will most likely be whitelisted once a member of Research reviews the site.  The reason for the block is due to the site using a non-standard TLD (Top Level Domain), e.g. the '.club' domain/extension rather than a more standard TLD such as .com or .net.  By default, Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks all non-standard TLDs due to the high frequency of malicious sites using those types of non-standard TLDs (typically because they can get them for free or much cheaper than hosting on standard TLDs and also because it is often easier for them to find available domain names which aren't in use across those non-standard TLDs compared to more common TLDs which can be useful when they want to spoof a legitimate site/company like Microsoft, Adobe or an AV vendor's website for the purpose of scamming users).

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