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Is there a webpage somewhere where you publish the current version of the Software, Component and Update packages?

We are looking for some way to validate (and put it in a document trail) when a user brings in a data set from outside that it was scanned with upto date AV/AM tools.  

Trying to confirm/document that they information in the Scan Report represents most current version 



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Hello @LMackey  :welcome:

The release histories are on the Support site portal.   I am presuming you are focused on home product versions.

The link to release history is off of https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/windows

on that link, click on the right side on "Release history".

You will then see a list, that shows the most recent at the top.

For example, the release notes on Malwarebytes for Windows 3.8,3



There is not a section that mentions Component or Update packages.

Component updates are periodical and automatic  for Premium.

The Updates are done automatically daily for Premium, and matter of fact are several per day.

They are not listed / posted  on a static resource page.   That said, However, at the top of each help section for products ...on this forum ...will typically have a pinned topic that mentions the latest program Version.


For business programs, start at https://support.malwarebytes.com/

and drill down thru the product of your choice  & then look for Release History on the right.

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Posted (edited)

You could also possibly have them upload files to a service such as VirusTotal (www.virustotal.com) which will at least allow you to confirm when the file was submitted and when it was last scanned.  You will then be able to check it again against more recent signatures if the last scan on VT was a long time ago so that you can see whether or not the detection info for any of the engines there (including Malwarebytes, which is included in VT) have changed.

We use it here on our own forums for samples that are submitted for analysis by the Research team.

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