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Disappointed (Switching AntiMalware provider)

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I have enjoyed my years of being a Malwarebytes customer. Recently when testing the Beta program for bugs and memory faults and throwing different attacks against the platform to fuzz my program went free, mind you I have 3 hosts with this application installed. All three converted to free. No worries, I followed the article found at https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1264 and simply reactivated my licenses. Upon doing so they worked but maybe for a day before they did the same thing. Now literally all THREE licenses I use state that they are blacklisted. I contact customer support on this matter and they expect me to take a picture of the Malwarebytes boxes that the codes came in years ago. I am in the Military and had to get rid of the boxes a few moves ago because everything adds weight to our move quota. I am unable to provide the pictures and they said I should try contacting the Walmart that I bought them from, they are unable to provide this information as well. My licenses are stored under my account in the MyMalwarebytes application and also show active under all current subscriptions. 

What's weird about my situation was that this didn't occur UNTIL I upgraded to the beta 4.x applications. Could this have an affect on the status of my licenses? I tried reporting this on the forums a couple weeks ago when it occured but they deleted my other forum account. I had to remake an account on the forums as well despite having email traffic from my previous Malwarebytes forums account. At least email me and practice good customer support and communication skills if you are to do so... I have had nothing but bad experiences from contacting support through this company. This is my last hail mary until I dust my hands and leave this company despite already having my money. If anything, I would revert back to 3.x just to have functioning applications again. 

I am a Cyber Security analyst and find that the heuristic detection from this engine GREATLY assists in my endeavors on reverse engineering and payload mapping to assist the cyber community in threat mitigation. I hope someone could understand where I come from or point out something else I could try!

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Hello @Developer 

Sorry to read of this situation.  Typically this type of license issue can only be resolved thru Malwarebytes Support.

I am curious about 2 things.   1) What / where / how  does the "blacklist" message show ?   when you tried to re-activate the license ?

or else where ?

Second, you say


My licenses are stored under my account in the MyMalwarebytes application and also show active under all current subscriptions. 

That indicates that you are able to login on the Malwarebytes MyAccount portal.

( do not mention the license keys here, nor your email ).

But what exactly does it show now for each of the 3 licenses ?


One other potential tip:

When you contact Support, be sure you provide them all license keys, and be sure to mention you bought at retail at Walmart.

Online Chat support is available on the Support web portal.  It is available during normal work days, during a set of business hours.

Monday thru Friday   1 AM Pacific to 5 PM Pacific  /  8 AM  UTC to 11 PM  UTC.

The link is on this page https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/contactsupport/pages/home-support

Just below the search box.   See that tag "Chat with us"  on the left.

Note:  Your browser needs to have Pop-ups enabled.

I should add that Chat support is for basic issues like licenses, and help on setup or license activation;  and subscriptions.


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