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ANSWERED Unknown if false positive or not: airhispania.com

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Dear friend,

Please excuse me for my novice status here. I wonder if it is possible to double-check a Malwarebytes indication that a website contains a Trojan?

I tried to visit a well-established amateur flight simulation site this morning: airhispania.com (IP: [50953]). And got a Malwarebytes dire warning of a Trojan.

This site has been around for longer than eight years and is modestly popular for flight training and simulator files storage. According to Virus Total (as of 2019-07-26 13:05:09 UTC), this site passed 71 tests and failed one. (The 70 passes included "Malwarebytes hpHosts". Just curious: Is that you all or someone else?) Of course it is possible that something nefarious has happened recently.

I do not know what to do. People report having used the site without problems. But I am reluctant to ignore your Malwarebytes warning.

I do not know if this is a false positive or not. Is there any way to be more certain?

Thanks much,
Michael MacKuen

MBAM airhispania.com Trojan Reported 2019-10-07.txt

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This is not an F/P.

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