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Instant peaks of explorer.exe cpu usage and BSOD appeared


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1 month ago Avast detects and captured a Win32:Malware-gen in C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC folder location. After this i start scanning my system with Avast,Malwarebytes Antimalware,SuperAntispyware and an other program that i found it from a site of malware solutions called ''Reimage''. I continuing the scans the other 2 days and Malwarebytes found 140 items PUP.Optional.Reimage on several type locations(file,folder,Registry Key) and after that i scan again for 4th-5fth time with Avast Free edition full scan and found a Rootkit in C:\Users\Giorgos\AppData\Local\Google\User Data\Default\Cache\f_000e42 which i couldn't do any activity with that but i used CCleaner to clear Chrome's cache and i did it from browser's settings also with the hope to delete rootkit.

After all with the help of your staff it seems finally that there isn't anymore infection on my system.  But many problems persist these days.

I have experienced flickering on explorer.exe from bottom to top of cpu usage and  lagg appears when scrolling on Google Chrome,explorer files,clicking on other program on my taskbar  or whatever,icons on taskbar and desktop refreshing. All this stuttering happen at random times not always. Even now when clicking to change window on Chrome tabs i experience microstuttering but at the same time checked Task Manager and values of both cpu and ram are in normal values (50% cpu, 70% ram).And..especially when i have open too many programs stuttering and delaying happen when i click to opening windows start-searchbox-Action Center especially when i have some minutes to open them(there is a delay about 2-3 seconds to open) and when move program windows with cursor the animation of movement is sluggish(for example Battle.net app but ok nevermind).After all sometimes Action Center of Windows stop working and i cant open it.
Also there is a delay on cursor to recognise items and highlight and when i am doing  actions on pc or its on idle state,  every 2-3 minutes i hear the fans to increase rpm acceleration without the meaning all the time of increasing %values of  cpu or ram. Values are remains at their normal levels (35% cpu and 60% ram for example).


Today this morning i was in a critical situation where I checked in on Mozilla Firefox and beyond my habits I had open 2 extra programs  here are the links of them:



...After all got a blackscreen and after few seconds a bluescreen appears : (  with troubleshooting errors in my system. When pc rebooted i didn't remember the source of error and downloaded BlueScreenView and i saw that caused by adress ntoskrnl.exe+ 1c10a0

My main course of problems are the instant peaks of explorer.exe cpu usage.Either my system remains on idle or even if doing several actions.....


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I don't know the full history of the issues you're encountering, but if you are seeing frequent BSODs then I would recommend creating a post in this area to start.  Just be sure to follow the guidance posted in this pinned topic.

Please let us know how you wish to proceed, but if you are suffering frequent BSODs that is where you should start for troubleshooting.


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