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Forum: That page does not exist. Error code 2S100/1

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Hello All:

  1. Near the bottom of this forum's portal page, all white space makes it appear as if no members are logged in.
  2. When selecting member Notifications and/or (Private) Messages the attempt never ends. (Endless clockwise spinning circle.)
  3. While signed in to this forum and when seeking unread content using https://forums.malwarebytes.com/discover/unread/ the following error notification appears using four (4) different browsers:


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Though failed for a few hours, the forum's server seems to have been restarted or such.

All appears well at this time.  I wonder if anything valuable was lost?

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  • Administrators

@1PW thanks for reporting the issue and confirming things were back to normal. We were actually able to contact IPS a little bit after you posted but all the Admins were away when the responded a couple hours later that it had been resolved.

@exile360 it was not an update from what we can see, but IPS did not share any details on what caused the issue.

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  • 7 months later...
23 hours ago, Pierre75 said:

Is this ever going to be fixed as I still receive it? Not complaining but 🤣🤣




Here is an as requested screenshot showing when it occurred. Hope fully this will clarify.


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  • Root Admin

No, we would need the actual link. But regardless. The way the software works is that it will leave a link automatically for 24 hours on any topic that is moved to another location. As indicated by those arrows. But we've also had a lot of users lately that have requested we delete their data so we have. Then when you go to click that link the file does not exist to read and that potentially may be what you're seeing.


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