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EndPoint Status light?


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Hi @schnax,

The status light was not reporting in real time, so in many cases it gave the illusion of an endpoint being online, whilst that may not have been the case. If an endpoint has a last seen time of today, and both the Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent Service and Malwarebytes Service are 'Running', it's safe to assume they are online. That said, we have recently added a 'Send Feedback' button at the lower left of the console and encourage you to send all feedback and feature requests via that option.

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I concur. Last Seen is far worse than NOW! Would much rather have the green indicator back.

Also, I see another menu item...."Suspicious Activity". Clicking on it I get this:

These features are available in Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response.
Please contact your sales representative or click here to request a representative to contact you.

So I purchased "Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection", but that is NOT ENOUGH in order to use this new item??




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Unfortunately at least as I understand it, the problem with the status indicator color entry was that it was only as accurate as the rate of the 'heartbeat' of the clients checking in with the server, which by default they do on a set interval that isn't anywhere near 'real-time' as I recall, so even though it may have proven accurate when pinged or queried in your environments, that does not mean that it was any more accurate or up to date than the current detail provided about the endpoints.  With that said, there might be some way to tweak this behavior to provide a viable solution/middle ground that might provide something closer to what you are seeking with the status indicator color item, however that's entirely up to the Product team and Developers as they must balance performance (and of course not DDoS'ing the server with constant check-in pings from the clients/endpoints) with timely and accurate reporting for these functions.

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