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Scan Scheduler_Schedule Scan not functional


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1. Scan Scheduler unable to save changes or additions to current schedule. Issue noted since Monday 09/30.  Quick Scan and Custom Scan were completed today as scheduled (please see attached).

2. "Possible" conflict may be: McAfee -> My Privacy -> Shred Unwanted Files - > Reboot.   Generally a "Reboot" is not required in the Shred Unwanted Files, however this was required on Monday 09/30.

3. Attached files:  Word document showing current Custom Scan (scheduled for 8:00 am on 10/02/2019)  //  Exported Quick Scan (scheduled for "Reboot" at 6:25 am on 10/02/2019).



MB Beta_10022019_Scan Schedule.docx MB Quick Scan on Reboot per Schedule 10202019 625am.txt

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Please note the following:

1. No change in Scan Scheduler unable to save changes or additions to current schedule.

2. Tested system. Changed Quick Scan to "Hourly". Exited User Interface. Cleaned System. No change in Scheduler display. Old Schedule still running in the background with Scan Scheduler still "blanked out"

3. Rebooted system: Quick Scan ran scan based on prior schedule.

4. Please see 2 attached back-up files for review:  

Thank you.


M Beta_10032019_Schedule.docx MB Quick Scan_Scheduler_Reboot_10032019 728am.txt

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Thanks for the information.

Please start by getting the latest beta version installed: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/252170-a-new-malwarebytes-4-beta-is-now-available/
I suggest uninstalling your existing Malwarebytes installation first and then installing the latest beta version. After installation, you should have version installed with component package 1.0.690. You can confirm this by checking Settings -> About.

Once installed, please confirm if the issue still persists or not.

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1. Installed Version 4.02.44 last night.  Scan Scheduler back in working order (please see attached back up file for review).

2. Will determine if "possible" conflict (McAfee -> My Privacy -> Shred Unwanted Files - > Reboot) occurs next time a "Reboot" is required.

3. Documentation: Currently have "Malwarebytes for Windows User Guide Version 3.8.3_ Content Guide".  Looking forward for eventual User Guide for Malware Bytes Version 4 as product rolls out.

Thank you.



M Beta_10042019_Scheduler.docx

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1. Possible conflict  with McAfee "My Privacy" -> "Shredder" -> "Reboot".   <Currently using MB version  /  Component  package version 1.0.690>

2. Scan Scheduler back in order correctly showing current schedule effective 10/04/2019.

3. Generally McAfee does not require a "Reboot" when shredding files, however when there is a requirement to shred (as was the case this past week);  I noticed that I could "edit" and change the Scan Scheduler yet the Scan Scheduler would not lock in the scheduled change.

4.  Today, I downloaded for a second time MB version  After downloading - Scan Scheduler locks in the schedule change correctly.

5. Will continue to monitor McAfee when required to "Reboot" ( "My Privacy" -> "Shredder" -> "Reboot") and determine if there is a direct correlation on possible conflict with McAfee as listed on this post. Current McAfee status TBD.

6. WIN10 is current (Cumulative Update version 1903 / KB4517389).

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Thanks for the update.

  • If you quit Malwarebytes (right-click the Malwarebytes icon in the system tray/notification area and click Quit Malwarebytes), does your McAfee product still require a reboot?
  • What types of files are you shredding and where are these files located?


Please do the following:

  • Open Malwarebytes.
  • Click Settings.
  • Enable the Event log data setting.
  • Download Handle to your Downloads folder: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/handle
  • Extract the contents of the Zip file to your Downloads folder. You should have a file named Handle64.exe in your Downloads folder.
  • Reproduce the issue where you're prompted to reboot, but do not perform the reboot.
  • Click the Windows start button, type CMD, right-click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.
  • Enter the following command:
    "%userprofile%\downloads\handle64.exe" >> "%userprofile%\desktop\handle_output.txt"
  • Gather logs with the Malwarebytes Support Tool and attach the generated mbst-grab-results.zip: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2396
  • Attach the generated handle_output.txt (found on your Desktop).
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1. Downloaded Handle and moved to Download folder with "Handle64.exe" in folder.

2. Will test Malwarebytes icon "Quit Malwarebytes" each time I go to McAfee ( "My Privacy" -> "Shredder" ) and confirm if "Reboot" is ever required.  Please note: "Reboot" appears to be  required around 5% - 10% of the time.  

3. Will need to research type of files need to be shredded in in McAfee "My Privacy" settings. 

4. Will follow listed steps when there is a requirement to "Reboot"'

Thank you.

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1.  Found major Issues with Custom Scheduled Scan (please see text back-up and Word docx back-up).  Ran Threat Scan and Quick Scan to test if there was the same issue as with the "run away/non-stop"  scheduled and manual Custom Scans.

2.  Possible conflict  with McAfee "My Privacy" -> "Shredder" -> "Reboot" has not been an issue this past week (will continue to test daily).

3.  Event log data setting has been on since 10/14/2019.

4.  "Quit Malwarebytes" command used several times since 10/14/2019 / stopped using "Quit Malwarebytes" since Custom Scheduled Scan became an major issue on 10/16/2019.

5.   Please advise if you would like me to gather logs with the Malwarebytes Support Tool per the above issues with Custom Scans. 

Thank you.

MB Beta Custom Scan_Scheduled 10162019_5hrs 11mins.txt MB Beta Custom Scan_Manual 10162019_2hrs 18sec.txt MB Beta Threat Scan_Manual 10172019 615pm_ok.txt MB Beta Quick_Scan Manual 10172019 840pm_ok.txt MB Beta_10162019.docx

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1.  Type of files being shredded and location of files:  "Temporary Internet Files" _ most likely location in "INetCache".

2.  McAfee Document ID: TS101334:  "Shredder completely erases files that you no longer need, and never want to be recovered. Use Shred unwanted files if you want to delete files that contain personal or sensitive information that you never want retrieved".  

3.  McAfee Tech Support: "Shred / Reboot" stops the "active process" and removes files permanently off the hard drive.  "Shred" option is recommended 1x per week. McAfee Tech Support not sure when the "Shred" option will call for a "Reboot".

4.  "My Privacy" -> "Shredder" -> "Reboot" has not required a "Reboot" for the last week. 

5.  Will continue to test / once "Reboot" is required, will download results to text file and submit results.  

Thank you.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Week ending 11/012/2019 review _ Beta version / Component package 1.0.690

1. "My Privacy" -> "Shredder" -> "Reboot" has not required a "Reboot" for the last week (has not required "Reboot" for over 2 weeks now) .  Will continue to test / once "Reboot" is required, and will download results to text file and submit results.  

2. Threat Scan: Scheduled to run on 10/28/19 at 8:00am. Threat Scan finally ran at 9:03am _ 1:03 minutes late (please see attached backup).

3. Custom Scan:  Scheduled to run on 10/30/19 at 8:00am - ok.  Custom Scan ran continuously for 5hrs 24mins 20seconds. Had to cancel Custom Scan  (please see attached backup).

Thank you.


MB_Beta 11032019.docx MB Beta_Threat Scan_Scheduled 10282019_8am runtime 903am.txt MB Beta_Custom Scan_Scheduled 10302019_continuation 5hrs 24mins_PC shutdown_still running PC startup.txt

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Re: Post dated 10/14/2019d

1. "Possible conflict"  with McAfee "My Privacy" -> "Shredder" -> "Reboot".   < Currently using Premium MB version  /  Component  package version 1.0.718 >

2. McAfee required to "Reboot" ( "My Privacy" -> "Shredder" -> "Reboot") on 11/08/2019 at 5:15pm _ 8 Files were shredded.

3. Did not perform reboot / ran CMD as administrator / entered command as specified / generated output files.

4. Please see attached output files:  "handle_output.txt"  /  "mbst-grab-results.zip" 

Thank you.


handle_output.txt mbst-grab-results.zip

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