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MBAM 4.x - Features


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0) When you go to the start menu, you can click on the 3 different options. Could be nice if it was possible to show that you can click on them. I was kinda lost when I didn't find whitelist. I know there is a blue rectangle around the 3 different options when hover over with the mouse. But that didn't make me to understand that you can click on them.

1) When inside settings. You only see a X to close. But it would make more sense like go back to start menu instead.

2) When inside settings and choose Notifications and your mouse is over the list for Play Mode you can't scroll anymore. I don't know if this is a feature, but kinda annoying.


I will fill this  thread later when I have tested the Beta a bit more. But so far, everything works great.

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So lets fill with bugs. I just crashed MBAM Go to start menu in MBAM. Choose to disable an option for the security shield. When done you can't enable the option and the program freeze and then crashes. I don't know why it does like this. If anyone want logs I can post them here.

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Hello @unknownguy

Can you please try the following steps:

1. Turn on Enhanced logging in the product:


2. With web protection turned on reproduce the hang/crash

3. When you see the hang/freeze happen go to task manager/processes and create a dump for the MBAMService.exe

4. Download the latest mb-support tool from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mbst

5. Run tool and go to Advanced option and click on the "gather logs" button.

6. This will create the mbst-grab-results.zip folder on your desktop.

7. Please attach the zip folder along with the dump file from Step 3

We can take a look as to why we are crashing.

Thank you.

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So after a cleaning of old programs and files. And also a update of not updated programs I no longer crash when enable/disable Web Protection.

But, It freeze a longer time when trying to enable the function.

I don't know if it's needed to gather logs for just freezing a longer time. If someone still want the logs please tell me then.

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The lengthy load/unload time with Web Protection may just be due to the way it works.  It always has to load/unload its entire database from memory every time it is enabled/disabled (this is also why it takes the longest to become active on startup).  That said, they may still want logs for analysis in case it is taking an abnormally long time on your system.  I don't know what their average performance metrics look like for load/unload times on a typical system (and it also likely varies based on the version of Windows as well since it uses a primary Windows API to function).

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