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Malwarebytes Browser Guard version 2.0.7 is blocking all of those downloads and websites as well .

website : https://macrorit.com/
download link : https://disk-tool.com/download/mde/mde-pro-setup.zip


website : http://www.efficientstickynotes.com/
download link : http://www.efficientdownload.com/es/EfficientStickyNotesPro-Setup.exe


website : https://www.greatis.com/
download link : https://www.greatissoftware.com/unhackme.zip


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3 minutes ago, gatortail said:

@Gt-truthWhat specific url are you inquiring about being an FP?

this one , however I still not tried all others Wondershare links which are for their others software ,



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4 minutes ago, gatortail said:

@Gt-truth I'm not experiencing any blocks.  Could you please share how you're navigating here? 

@gatortail I do have this website here which I tried to download from


and they have more websites as well . and meanwhile here is a screenshot of the block



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2 minutes ago, gatortail said:

I am not experiencing any blocks.  Could you please confirm you're running MBBG v2.1.7?

unfortunately , I am having a weird issue here so My Malwarebytes Browser Guard is now switch to an old version 2.1.5 and I will post a screenshots there now


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None is blocked by 2.1.8 with Firefox 72.0.2 (64-bit) on FreeBSD-CURRENT.

For the filmora_full846.exe file that you successfully downloaded, what's the SHA256?

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