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Microsoft forced update from 1803 to 1903 ?


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A newest Windows version (v1903) OS has been wiped out since a few days ago in order to install an supported Windows OS for my device which is (v1803) and as of now Windows update is to downloading of Windows version 1903 and I really do not like what Microsoft is just did !

read more here https://www.computerworld.com/article/3409621/microsoft-starts-windows-10s-1803-to-1903-forced-upgrade.html




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Microsoft is also forced installing of the Windows version 1903 so how can I stop this before it get installed ?

I do not even care for windows v1903 because a lot of HP software’s/HP drivers/HP tools and others software out there are having a Compatibility issue with latest version of Windows 10 (version 1903)


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@Gt-truth FYI,

Are you familiar with https://www.askwoody.com/ ? If not:



What is AskWoody.com?

We’re a one-stop shop for free tech support, with a newsletter and web site. Our roots are in Windows, but we’re expanding rapidly. The web site — the one you’re looking at right now — has more than a million questions and answers, and we have almost 150,000 registered users  [Woody Leonhard]



It now incorporates the old Windows Secrets [Brian Livingston] site and newsletter.

♦️Suggest you read the FAQ for overview of site and then use the Search The Lounge to look for " Controlling When Windows 10 Updates " or " how do i block the 1903 feature update from installing ".♦️



Who pays for AskWoody?

Our donors – the AskWoody Plus Members. You can identify them by the gold ribbon on their posts. Most of what we do is free, but the AskWoody Plus Newsletter, Alerts, and Master Patch List [Susan Bradley] are reserved for Plus Members. We work on the donation model, which means you get to decide how much you want to pay to become a Plus Member.


Hope this helps


Disclaimer: I am a paid subscriber but otherwise not connected with the AskWoody site operation.

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