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Anti Malware Software will not run!

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Hi All,

I recently have had problems with my computer every since I accidently installed the supposed codec "Video Licence V3" through windows media player.

It downloaded as an .EXE file and I stupidly allowed it to run.

Since then my computer has had severe problems with malware more malicious then I have never seen before.

Sometimes by computer fails to start and I get the BSOD after the BIOS flashes. Then when I can get in and attempt to run normally, it logs in fine and then the malware crashes most of the running process's. It then stops me from loading any program up ad usually crashes the computer.

When I try in safe mode (which is where i'm typing this from now) it allows some programs to run but either terminates then after they start or in the case of Windows Live Messenger it signs me out as soon as I sign in.

It does not allow me to run any antivirus software other than AVG and that has found nothing. The Kapersky online scanner found some form of trojan, but the computer crashed before I could act. When I scanned again, nothing was found.

As I speak I am using the AVG Command line Scanner to scan the C:/Windows folder and it has identified the files:


iexplore.exe (which would explain why my browser keeps redirecting my pages)

I can't really think of any other information I can give apart from the fact that Mbam, Hijack This, Spybot S&D and Adaware do not run.

Your help would be most appreciated.


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Hi and welcome to the forum! :)

Please read and follow ALL the instructions below. Thanks!

Scan and post logs - read note at bottom in green

If you're having Malware related issues with your computer that you're unable to resolve.

1. Please read and follow the instructions provided here: I'm infected - What do I do now?

2. If needed please post your logs in a NEW topic here:Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs

3. When posting logs please do not use any Quote, Code, or other tags. Please copy/paste directly into your post and do not attach files unless requested.

* Please do not post any logs in the General forum. We do not work on any logs posted in the General forum.

* Please do not install any software or use any removal/scanning tool except for those you're requested to run by the Helper that will assist you.

* Using these other tools often makes the cleanup task more difficult and time consuming.

* If you have already submitted for assistance at one of the other support sites on the Internet then you should not post a new log here, you should stay working with the Helper from that site until the issue is resolved.

* Do not assume you're clean because you don't see something in the logs. Please wait until the person assisting you provides feedback.

* There are often many others that require assistance as well, so please be patient. If no one has responded within 48 hours then please go ahead and post a request for review

* NOTE: If for some reason you're unable to run some or any of the tools in the first link, then skip that step and move on to the next one. If you can't even run HijackThis, then just proceed and post a NEW topic as shown in the second link describing your issues and someone will assist you as soon as they can

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