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Need antivirus recommendations for Win 10 machines


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Recently I purchased a new laptop running Windows 10 Pro. I've already got it set up running MBAM Premium, plus it has Windows 10's own built-in Windows Defender. Am I protected well enough with these, or should I install another antivirus program? If so, which one? My online research suggests that Bitdefender or Kaspersky is probably best.

I have another computer, this one 4-5 years old that had been running Windows 7 but was recently upgraded to Windows 10 Home. Like the above machine it has MBAM Premium and Win10 Defender, but it also has Avast Free. I've occasional issues caused by Avast, plus am told that it's become bloated and slows your machine. Should I keep it, replace it with another antivirus product such as one of the two mentioned above, or just remove it and run with MBAM Premium and WinDefender?

(I have a third computer, a 7-8 year old laptop still running Win 7 that the new laptop was intended to replace. It too has MBAM Premium and Avast. If I decide to continue using it I may upgrade it to Win 10 as well, not right away but probably before Win 7 support ends in a few months.)

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I'm running Malwarebytes Premium on two Windows 7 computers and a Mac computer. Malwarebytes Browser Guard on Firefox and Chrome. I feel fully protected and no need for another antivirus product.  If I was running Windows 10 I would have the same setup. :)

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