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'Welcome to Malwarebytes Browser Guard' page auto-load


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I was just in the middle of streaming a video on YouTube with multiple tabs open in my browser in the background when suddenly I was taken to a new tab while my YouTube video continued to play (I could tell because the audio continued) and suddenly this new tab which had stolen my focus displayed this:


The URL, which is shown below, is clearly internal to the extension itself rather than being the product of some external site:


Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for a browser extension being able to display such a 'welcome' page to highlight features/functionality/settings/walkthroughs or whatever just after installation, however this extension has been installed for months and this is the first time I've ever seen it and it popped up randomly while streaming a video and while I definitely was NOT interacting with the Malwarebytes browser extension in any way.  I'm sorry, but I just cannot abide this behavior.  It is blatant adware activity and were I still the Product Manager for this product (I originated the idea that led to its development and acted as the project's Product Manager for several months prior to its final beta and subsequent release) I would never approve of doing so.  You can't just randomly display pop-ups promoting your products and steal focus from the user.  Treating a user's system like it doesn't belong to them is precisely what PUPs and malware do which is why the entire suite of products created by companies like Malwarebytes exist, and regardless of what so called 'reputable' vendors like Google and Microsoft among others might be doing and might consider acceptable, it still is not OK for legitimate applications to behave like this; especially for an extension/application created by a security vendor who takes so much pride in fighting PUPs and adware with a class-leading aggressive stance against PUPs and the like.

You can do better, and I believe you will do better, so please take this feedback for what it is; a hard line in the sand to say that this was not the right way to implement this feature.  Please display this immediately upon installation in the user's browser and keep your messages to yourself after that (save for displaying the usual block page when something is actually blocked, of course).

Edit: I just realized this was probably displayed as the result of some update/new version being installed automatically in the background since I have my browser configured to keep my extensions up to date automatically.  While I realize that may be the case, this still should not have happened and such an event should never cause focus to be stolen from the user.  If you wish, display a little notification item at the bottom of the browser or around the icon in the browser's menu which does not pop up over full screen content (like a video from YouTube being viewed at the time) and instead just keep it there for the user to notice and click on the next time they are in a normal view of their browser out of full screen.  I know it can be done because that is how Adblock Plus and other extensions handle it.  I have a ton of extensions installed which update all the time and not once have I experienced this with any other browser extension, so please in this instance follow the industry standard and don't annoy your users/customers.


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Yep, I figured it had to be the result of an upgrade.

Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking when I saw it; that it would be perfectly fine to be displayed upon first installation, but after that it should just stay quiet.  I'm glad that it's just a bug.

I'm running the extension in the portable build of SRWare Iron x64 on Windows 7 SP1 fully patched if that makes any difference for replicating this issue.

Thanks for taking care of it :) 

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