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Hello guys, i want to give more details how i got this ransom virus maybe will help.

i got one activator from a site ( i can provide the site) I install it , and "party started", in first phase i was bombed with pop-up ads from browser, my processor was in full load, task manager was disabled, second phase was, when a  window opened fakeing a windows update... in that moment i knew I'm burned.. my pc freezed and i restarted pc and unplugged ethernet cable...but was too late all my files was converted in kvag(no problem i have back-up).

this is infected file


in C partition was created a _readme.txt  and a folder SystemID  with a PersonalID.txt inside.

the weird thing is  in read me.txt i have a personal id.... and in personalID.txt i have a diferent one.

Anyway maybe will help someone. If you have more questions hit me with a msg.

have a nice day


Addition.txt FRST.txt _readme.txt PersonalID.txt

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Hi,   Alex.    :welcome:

My name is Maurice. I will be helping and guiding you, going forward on this case.

Thank you for the report files.

I can help you remove the ransom notes.  I cannot help you to actually "fix" any of the encrypted user files.

There is no known decrypter for this particular ransomware.

I can help you to check this current system to see that there is no current infection.

I can help you to get a list of all files that have the .KVAG extension.


Ransomwares typically self-delete once they have done their dirty deed of encrypting user files , storing the ransom notes & only then showing the notice of a ransom.

NOTE:  They also turn OFF the Windows System Restore service   & also typically delete all prior restore points & also turn off  Volume shadow copy service.

The only good way to recover damaged files is by using a old Backup of the system  ( saved from before the infection).

Backup is always your best friend.


Please find 1 or 2  .kvag  files  and upload them for analysis to ID-Ransomware

ID-Ransomware is a free community site dedicated to information about different ransomwares.

Go to  https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/index.

Look on the right side.  Click browse   & point it to one of the .KVAG files  & upload one at a time.

Upload another file too, just for another opinion.



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Good afternoon.

I have not heard back from you.   Is there anything that you need at this point?   If so, then do let me know.


If you need to have a list of all the .kvag files, let me know.  I can provide you a script to do that.

If you need to delete the ransom notes, there is a small app to do that named Ransomnote cleaner http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/ransomnotecleaner/   .


If this pc does not now have Malwarebytes for Windows Premium, then at least get the beta anti-ransomware.

version 1.1.242 of Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware from this link.


For sure, make sure that the Windows System Restore service is ON.



Also be very sure that Volume Shadow Copy service is ON  ( enabled)

Run MSCONFIG   (  press Windows-key +R key   and type in MSCONFIG)

scroll thru and be sure that Volume Shadow Copy has a check-mark  on the right side.


Press and hold the Windows-flag-key on keyboard and tap the *R* key to get the RUN menu option.

type in


and press Enter key. 

Scroll down the list. Look for
"Volume Shadow Copy"  is listed there, with a Startup type of Manual.


Backup is your best friend.  Make regular backups of your system on offline media.  It is best if you would keep 3 generations, with one of those kept outside of your regular location   { perhaps on a cloud location, such as Onedrive  or even Google drive ) .


Let me know if you need something else.


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