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MBG and uBlock Origin


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After reading all the documentation about it, I've decided to install MBG in all the browsers I use (see my signature) as it seems to be a good complement to MB Premium (I'm currently using MB 4.0.1 Beta).

However in Waterfox (latest v. 56.2.14), I'm limited to v. 1.0.47 (latest possible version, so I don't benefit from the new UI there).

FYI I was asked for an email address during installation in Waterfox and M$ Edge Chromium Beta, not in Firefox.

Now my question: I also have uBlock Origin installed; does it make sense to keep both add-ons installed, will they be complementary or can / should I now uninstall uBO ?

Thanks for your advices and suggestions ! :)

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uBlock Origin does allow you to customize blocking of selected fields, which MBG does not, so if you have found a need to do so on specific sites, then you should probably keep both.

I suspect having both will slow your browser to some extent, but probably not noticeably. I don’t spend enough time in Firefox to notice, but do use both on my Mac.

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You can definitely use both (I do myself as do many others on the forums here) as both extensions block things that the other does not and as alvarnell already mentioned above, uBlock Origin does have some features that Malwarebytes Browser Guard does not (also, MBG has behavior based blocking; a technology not included in ANY other browser extension that I am aware of and it works quite well against tech support scam sites and the like).

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I have seen the Author of uBlock Origin post a while back that you shouldn't use it with other blockers but maybe he was just dealing with some specific users posting about some oddball issue. Have not seen it said recently and I too run uBlock Origin and Malwarebytes Browser Guard in both Firefox and Google Chrome on Windows. So far have not had any issues on either browser.


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