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Beta Test Review 4.X Windows 10

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Thank you for providing the opportunity to test the Beta version.


  • Subsequent to install, most features are already active by default;
  • Didn’t time it but scan seems faster;
  • First level interface very clean;
  • Detection history easy to work with; double-click shows great history details
  • Second-level Real-Time Protection window nice layout; everything is visible
  • Easy navigation to all sub-menus
  • Settings menu much improved; many more options
  • “About” menu under Settings has a great deal of useful links
  • Scan history is nice touch


  • Scan button under Scanner (Main Menu); is it quick or full?
  • Only when I navigate to Scan Scheduler and Schedule Scan (second level down from Scanner on Main Menu) does it appear I can select Quick or Custom (Full?) scan.
  • Setting start time for either Quick or Custom scan should be a pull-down menu; currently requires both time and AM/PM to be hand-jammed


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  • Staff


Thank you for testing and providing your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

With regards to some of your questions, the scan button performs the same default Threat Scan as the 3.x and previous builds of Malwarebytes, so this has not changed.  This is not a 'full scan' technically speaking, however it does look in all known locations where malware is known to hide and is dynamic, meaning that the Malwarebytes Research team can add new locations to it at any time through database updates as new locations are discovered.  Additionally, the Threat Scan checks all known loading points/startup locations as well as all processes and threads loaded into memory so even if a threat is running from an unusual location, it will still be scanned by the Threat Scan.

In order to access the other scan types simply click anywhere in the white space within the 'Scanner' rectangular UI element and then click on the Advanced scanners link displayed at the bottom and from there you will be able to select from all available scan types, including the Custom Scan which can be configured to scan all drives/files if you so desire (just be aware that such scans tend to take a very long time depending on the number of files to be scanned and generally are not necessary as any additional threats which might be detected beyond what the default Threat Scan would detect are most definitely nothing more than dormant/inactive traces and PUP or malware installers/droppers that have never been executed on the system yet and therefore have not actually installed/infected the system yet and of course the various real-time protection components should detect any such threats if you were to attempt to execute such a file/installer/dropper etc.).

Anyway, I hope this helps to clarify things a bit, and if you run into any issues with the beta or have any additional feedback please don't hesitate to let us know.


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  • Staff

Thanks for testing out the beta and providing feedback!

On 9/21/2019 at 8:19 PM, CentauriBob said:

Setting start time for either Quick or Custom scan should be a pull-down menu; currently requires both time and AM/PM to be hand-jammed

We're currently looking into different methods of inputting the starting time of a scheduled scan, so this process should be easier in future versions.

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