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I tried to add a 2nd subscription to my Account and it Cancelled my 1st Sub

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I bought 2 seperate Malawarebytes Lifetime Accounts,1 in January of 2018 from Discount Electronics, 2nd in July 2019 from Discount Electronics. "Both Legit Lifetime Accounts". for my Home Gaming Rig. And My Home Entertainment Center. I have 2 seperatye Subscriptions. I signed into my account today and tried to add my 2nd Subscription to my Account for it to show the 2 seperate accounts. I registered the ID, and the Key. and it said Registered, But it *Cancelled my 1st Active lifetime account*!

**I need help getting my 1st account back, being active and not cancelled. it's only showing 1 subscritption currently, I was just trying to add the 2nd subscription to my account I didn't know it would cancelled it and start the other off like a new Sub.


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29 minutes ago, Nghtrider62 said:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, That address I was sent to with the ending of: .com/community/consumer/pages/contact-us  tells me to log in SO I try my login from here the forums doesn't work, I try my login from The Main Malawarebytes Site login- doesn't work. So How the heck do I login ? there's no place to sign up.


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