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Trying To Re-Enable Forums 2FA On New Phone, Account Security Button Broken

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As the Tweet and title says, I'm trying to re-enable 2FA for my forums account after getting a new phone. I went to the Settings > Account Security page and tried to change my Google Authenticator settings, but the "Enable" link on the page just re-directs back to the same place. I can't be the first person who needs to change their 2FA settings after their old device dies, and can get into their account through alternate (i.e. email) means, but then gets stuck.

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I appreciate you looking into things, Ron. If your forum provider will get back to you quickly with a resolution I can wait - I'm not actively trying to use the forums, I was just refreshing all the 2FA seeds on my new phone for sites I'd previously setup. If it'll be a while, and you have a way to send me the QR code out-of-band, I'm open to that too.

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