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Updates are not current

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I am using the marvellous Malarebytes 3.9.27 on a mac (High Sierra 10.13.6) and am seeing "Updates are not current" on the Malarebytes dashboard  the last 2 days. 

When I rollover then click on "check for updates" the button, it goes black then  "feels the click' by flickering, but nothing happens, [screenshot]

I'l mention that I do use little Snitch, but I have checked that to see if I accidentally blocked Malwarebytes from calling out and I see nothing under Malwarebytes in my list of rules. 


BTW: If I go to Malwarebytes in the menu at top of screen near the apple I can select check for updates and it sohws my version as curent. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.34.56.JPEG

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Check the Reports tab for the last entry for kind "Update". Mine shows version 4.0.424 from around 7 hours ago. Menu bar indicates last check was three minutes ago when I launched the app.

Any difference if you click here:


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Sorry, that would be the "Malwarebytes updated to version 3.9.27". I want to know what the last "Protection updated to version..." indicates.

Also, did you try clicking on the entry next to "Protection Update: " to see if it will give you an update and change to "Current" as shown?

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Hi @neilbar,

When Malwarebytes for Mac is unable to activate license key or download protection/database updates, that means that something is blocking its connection to the update servers. That may be an outgoing firewall application, such as Little Snitch, Intego Netbarrier or it may be similar functionality that is blocking outgoing connection attempts within some other anti-virus software.
You will need to review any such software and ensure it is not blocking connections that Malwarebytes needs to function properly.

Double check if below services and domains are not blocked in your applications firewall.

Hope this helps.

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Hi adas, Hi alvarnell,

thanks so much

adas: that connections list a was super useful

I found a rule in Little Snitch (from 2018) which was disallowing connections to: RTProtectiondaemon

strange that it had not previously prevented updates!

my "reports" tab looks good - it now states: updates: protection updated to 4.0.424


lovely, such great support from you guys



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