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Not compatible with IdentityCloaker

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Beta has been running fine for me the past few days. But seems like we have the incompatibility problem with IdentityCloaker program that existed in version 3.7 

The problem was resolved with version 3.8 but now its back with this beta.

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Hello @AlbertM and :welcome:

Sharing your MB4.Beta2 experiences is highly appreciated.

Would you please document your observations with screenshots and logs?  The Malwarebytes' staff/devs need hard data to resolve this issue.

Thank you.

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I did submit logs previously as a ticket was opened when I had the same problem with MB 3.7. The problem was resolved in MB 3.8 as your release notes state:

Fixed: MBAMService connectivity issue in presence of 3rd party LSPs (Identity Cloaker, HideMyIP)

I am guessing but assume the fix for MB 4 Beta may be similar.

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Hi @AlbertM,

I haven't encountered any issues running Malwarebytes version 4 and Identity Cloaker together.

Please provide some additional details on the issue you're seeing. What exactly is happening?
In addition, please run the Malwarebytes Support Tool and provide the generated file: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2396

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My apologies. I have since re-installed IdentityCloaker and now they are both running OK. Initially I did experience loss of connection to servers.

I have not had any other issues with the Beta and am pleased with the new GUI and noticeable increase in scan speed.

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