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Periodic Freezing

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I hope this isn't considered necroposting, but I've been experiencing similar issues (intermittent freezing or hanging for a few seconds when using Chrome or other programs) with all Malwarebytes real-time protection settings enabled, and this thread described almost the exact issue I was having, so I thought I'd add to it instead of creating another similar post. I've noticed this issue happening on an almost daily basis for the past several months at least, but kept attributing it to some other program or system process; however, recently I've started monitoring my CPU usage more closely, and I noticed that every time the freezing occurs, the Malwarebytes process is at the top of the list with about 15-16% CPU, which doesn't seem like much, but has led me to suspect that it may somehow be contributing to the problem. The issue is particularly noticeable when I have Chrome open, and as the original poster mentioned, I also have experienced hitching when watching YouTube videos or even just casually scrolling through a webpage. I even had some momentary freezing and lag when registering to the forum and typing up this post.

I've attached my event logs, and if it's any help at all, I noticed that freezing occured around 10:45pm and 10:50pm EDT as of today. There may have been a few other instances of it happening as well, but those were the times when the system was noticeably unresponsive and I was able to make note of the time. I tried doing a memory dump of the MBAM service as well, but I got an access denied prompt.

I'm running the latest version of Windows (1903) and actually updated my system in the hope that it would solve the freezing problem, but it's so far persisted regardless of system or driver updates. Again, it's worst and most obvious when Chrome is open. As the OP stated, I really don't want to turn off any real-time protection, so I've just tried to live with the freezing, but it can honestly get irritating (scrolling stops, typing can get interrupted, videos hang, etc.) and can make even doing simple tasks on the PC rather unpleasant.

Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.



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Would each of you please try disabling each individual protection component of Malwarebytes one at a time to test and try to determine if this issue is being caused by any one component?  To do so, first verify that the issue is still occurring (i.e. replicate the freezing behavior) then right-click the Malwarebytes tray icon and click on Web Protection: On and click Yes to the User Account Control prompt then wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute and see if the issue still occurs.  If it does still occur, then re-enable Web Protection and wait another 30 seconds to 1 minute to allow things to settle down from reloading Web Protection and then disable Exploit Protection and test again.  If the issue still occurs then re-enable Exploit Protection and move on to disabling Malware Protection and then Ransomware Protection if disabling Malware Protection had no effect.

Let us know how it goes and if disabling any specific component of protection resolved the issue.


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