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Cannot find Malwarebytes App on Apple Store


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3 minutes ago, treed said:

Our iOS app is currently only available in countries with a +1 telephone country code (US, Canada, and some islands in the Caribbean) and in a test in the UK. If you are not in one of those locations, it is not currently available in your App Store.

Hello @treed

Thanks ! I'm in France, that's the explanation.

I hope that your iOS app will be available soon in France also...

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Hi, I found out about this after having payed $20 for my 2 iOS devices. I contacted support on Sunday and in 5 days I've received no response other than a mail yesterday asking me if I need further assistance. 
I'm $20 short and not at all happy about this situation. 

Your help is appreciated. 

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Sorry, but all license issues must be handled by customer support. Nobody here has access to the data necessary to correct any problems. 

I'm curious as to how you were able to pay the $20 as all Malwarebytes for iOS have to be paid to Apple on the App Store.

Not sure why you didn't receive a reply to the original ticket as they usually only take a day or two. Perhaps it went to your spam mailbox. If you haven't replied back to the email you got yesterday, do so immediately as the weekend is coming up.

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Thanks for your response. 
I answered the mail and provided further detail today. I realize I made a mistake, still had this information been made available on the MB web store I wouldn't have spent that money. 

I'll let support get back to me. Have a nice weekend. 

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7 hours ago, Harel said:

...had this information been made available on the MB web store I wouldn't have spent that money. 

It is listed at the top of the main product page for Malwarebytes for iOS located here, however if there was a different page you found which referred to this product and didn't mention that it had to be purchased through the app store (and especially any page where you were actually able to purchase a license for the product) please post the link(s) and we will report it to the staff as this will need to be corrected.  I could not find any mention of it, however I don't know every page/link on the site either so if you could post the link(s) that caused the confusion we can report them to the staff.


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