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Allow list: the Done button does nothing


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Above: Malwarebytes Browser Guard 2.0.2 added to Waterfox Classic 56.2.14 on FreeBSD-CURRENT.

The behaviour is reproducible with Firefox Quantum 69.0.

Gut feeling: if users are making do without a working Done button, then simply remove the appearance of a button. Keep the GUI free from clutter.

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It is 'greyed out' because you have not entered any allow (exception) to be added yet.

It is selectable once you have added a URL or IP, and selected which protection(s) to disable, then the button becomes blue and clicking it adds the exception to your allow list.

For example:


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Possibly, but even 'Add' may be confusing for some who might think you had to click it before entering anything to add?

Maybe not showing the button at all until something had been entered in those fields could be the way to go, but that would depend on just what the programming allows.

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> Maybe not showing the button at all until something had been entered in those fields


I think, the primary problem with the Done button is the false assumption that the GUI is solely for addition.

In truth, the UI is also used to review and sometimes remove allowances.

Also, to my eye, the paler of the two blues is not pale enough to signify 'greying out' i.e. non-applicability.

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