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Cpu Z?


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I don't know what "posts" you refer to but the legitimately named "CPU-Z" utility is not malicious.

Note that there is a lot of misinformation on the 'net and any malware can be renamed to masquerade as any legitimate file.  In fact, it is a common practice to evade and "hide in plain site" and that is why I stated

3 hours ago, David H. Lipman said:

If obtained from the maker,  https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html,  Yes, it is safe,

This is also why you always get software and utilities directly from their source and not third parties that may host files.

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Any program can potentially provide invalid information. The vast majority of programs are reading from WMI - in some cases with some added intelligence, but often if one gives the wrong information it's likely the other will too.

I like speccy and as long as Avast does not modify or add marketing to it then nothing wrong with it. But nothing wrong with CPU-Z either it's an awesome tool that provides a ton of information that speccy does not



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7 hours ago, Nonkii said:

Yup.Speccy doesnt shows the ram part number wich I needed but cpu z does

Yes, CPU-Z shows some extensive detailed info about RAM/memory, including not only the vendor, but also the speeds/JDEC configurations available (very useful for RAM tuning/overclocking) and even displays the actual DRAM/chip manufacturer which is critical for knowing just how 'good' your RAM is and likely it is to be capable of running with tighter timings at higher speeds (Samsung vs Micron for example).  Speccy is quite useful for gathering general system hardware info/details and I actually use both CPU-Z and Speccy (as well as other tools like GPU-Z, HWINFO among others) and it's great for what it is, but there are quite a number of details that it does not provide.  There are multiple tools out their for various uses and I have a bunch of them because no one utility covers everything.

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