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Compatibility with e.g. Reddit Enhancement Suite


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I found blocks against two addresses that I trust, so I set malware allowances for both put.re and s.put.re

Then, I tried to view previously blocked content in the context of Reddit.

A previously set allowance is not effective, so I find it necessary to also allow malware at www.reddit.com

I do not want to allow malware at Reddit.

Please, can this type of issue be resolved?

Other pages at which the problem occur include:

Reddit Enhancement Suite:


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I believe this is the same issue that I reported with the Chrome version here.  For whatever reason, the browser extension now requires that the main site being viewed be excluded rather than just the source of any embedded content which may be blocked (for example an embedded ad, video, image or other content that one would frequently find being linked to/embedded in other sites).

I agree that this functionality is not ideal and is not the expected behavior (at least in my opinion) since the block/redirect page even clearly states the source domain/URL as the content being blocked, so when that source domain is then excluded the previously blocked content should be displayed, however it no longer works that way (I am certain it did in the past as I've been using it since before it was even available to the public as a beta as I was directly involved in its conception and initial development).  I believe this is a bug and should be fixed; either that, or the way that the block page/redirect works needs to be changed along with the allow list function in order to more clearly indicate what must be done in order to unblock specific content on a webpage, though as you say, this also can present risk since you end up having to whitelist the entire domain where the content is linked which may not necessarily be completely benign and may link to other content from other sources that are not so harmless (for example, unblocking a site so that a video may play might inadvertently also unblock a malvertisement containing exploits from a completely different source linked to elsewhere on the same webpage).

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Yes, based on the way it now works that would be the expected behavior, and I agree that it is not exactly intuitive.  I can sort of understand why they chose to implement it this way as similarly when using an ad blocker, if you were to allow ads on the current website being viewed it would allow ads from other domains/sources, however because Malwarebytes shows a redirect page and displays the actual source domain of the blocked content I believe it should work differently unless the user specifically allows all such content for the current website so that excluding the actual blocked domain will prevent anything from that source from being blocked on any page.  I may be asking too much, as it may need to work one way or the other, but hopefully the Devs can come up with a more intuitive way of making the extension function (i.e. allowing specific items on the current page or disabling the extension completely on the current page allows all such content regardless of source, but excluding specific sites in the Allow List prevents content from that source from being blocked including when it is embedded in/displayed on another page being viewed).

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