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Yahoo Finance Ads.


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Hello @rakka:


As was previously reported many months ago in the then Malwarebytes Browser Extension Beta sub-forum, the current MBG extension's error counter still will dramatically up-count for


during scrolling unless the Ads / Trackers protection toggle switch is set to disable, for that Yahoo domain, or its ad site's URLs/IPs are added to global exclusions.

Of course similar observances can be made for other media sites, the Yahoo Finance site is still particularly active with detectable ads.


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I found 15 "Sponsored" links on the page. Only 1 popup style, in your face Ad from Yahoo Finance themselves. The page is using an Ajax style inline refresh (possibly another technology as I did not review the source code) so that you just keep getting new content over and over until you exhaust all their new content for the day. That is several pages for me and resulted in about 350+ Ad blocks which is normal and to be expected. The number will increase as remote sites are able to finally pass along their link and Ad information and Malwarebytes Browser Guard sees them and then blocks them.


Using uBlock Origin with Malwarebytes Browser Guard disabled I got 350+ blocks as well so that seems to be pretty consistent. The only real difference was that uBlock Origin did remove the 15 "Sponsored" links and the 1 Yahoo Finance popup Ad (I ran a cookie and cache delete before retest)

I agree that eventually Malwarebytes Browser Guard should remove those "Sponsored" Ad links and the Popup Ad from Yahoo Finance but in defense of Yahoo their placement and professionally positioned Ads were very unobtrusive and clearly marked they were Ads unlike the vast majority of other sites that try to trick you into thinking they're real stories or further reading.

The layout, content, and usability is not noticeably affected by either Malwarebytes Browser Guard, or uBlock Origin. Both extensions do well in managing the 350+ Ad, Trackers, etc without adversely affecting the layout and content. I'm sure that as the product matures it will do better at removing the current Ads it's not removing.




Thank you for the feedback @1PW



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