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Website blocked. Please review


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The site is my own.

VirusTotal only knows about that link because I tested with it.  It is not publicly accessible, but I went ahead and removed the files from the site completely.

I got tired of contacting AV companies and them either not responding or telling me "well, we don't see that it's doing anything bad, but since a lot of others are saying it does, we're not going to change it".  I traced it down to the DLL call that sets them off, but I can't do anything about it, so I just removed it.

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Because it is blocked by our primary protection as well as by Browser Guard, I am powerless to do anything meaningful until I receive a final disposition from people in charge of the primary protection.  If I remove the Browser Guard block, it would still remain blocked.  I have asked for a review and am waiting for results.

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Thanks - not casting judgement about the file only that I had to exclude it from Windows Defender as well to submit it for rescan. Windows Defender removed the file too. With 40 vendors not liking it then I can feel your pain with it being an uphill battle trying to support the file. But, most of it is probably due to it being packed and they can't unpack it to verify.


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Received word that site block was removed.  I have added to whitelist for Browser Guard as well.  Please allow a little while for changes to propagate, and let us know if its available for you.  Sorry for all the delays. 

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