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MBAM 4.0.1 beta - Lock and freeze issue

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The following was intentionally done, but I wonder if it could happen naturally also.

I started a Defender quick scan, immediately followed by an MBAM threat scan. I was not surprised by the results. All chugged along nicely, until MBAM got to the memory scan. Impossible to know where Defender was at that point. All displays froze, MBAM elapsed still running. A few seconds later, all froze. No mouse, no KB, nothing. Watched the i/o light while it created a multi gig dump file. No BSOD screen. Everything just stopped. 1 tap on the power button did an immediate shutdown. Booted back up fine, with the expected Kernel Power errors.

Even though each had exclusions for the other, they are exclusions of the app objects themselves, not what they may have a lock on at the time. I suspect, from past experience with BSOD and MBAM 3.8.3, it was a DPC_WATCHDOG violation.... a timeout of a locked object request or a timed-out IRQ.

If Defender was running a scheduled scan, and MBAM started a scheduled scan also, or vice-versa, I suspect this might occur. A system freeze. Unless the scheduling code was smart enough to sense another AV scan had been started, and wait. I don't know those details, so just a S.W.A.G.

I did a full MR image prior (just in case......), so I was back up clean in 2 minutes.

Just wanted to post my experiment.

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Hi @f14tomcat,

Thanks for reporting this.

A few questions:

  • Is this consistently reproducible for you? Can you reproduce the issue on-demand?
  • What other software was running at the time of the deadlock/freeze?
  • You mentioned something about a dump file. Is this available? Are you able to zip this up and send it to us please?
  • What was the configuration of your scan? Is Scan for rootkits enabled (in Settings -> Security)?
  • What version/build of Windows 10 are you running?

Please could you provide us with some additional troubleshooting data (unless the state of the machine after the issue has been lost):

Thank you!

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